Who is part of the Rural Women’s Civic Engagement Coalition?

The coalition is composed of non-profit organizations that are working in the areas of women’s rights, economic justice, civic engagement, immigrant and migrant community members’ rights, and civil rights and civil liberties, among other issue areas.

The Rural Women Rising Steering Committee secures funding for Rural Women Rising.

The RWR Steering Committee:

Coalition Goals

The Rural Women’s Civic Engagement Coalition intends to achieve its mission by:

Creating a network of organizations that serve rural women and girls to better understand the work that is currently being done and more easily identify the opportunities for collaboration;

Re-defining who rural women and girls are, and informing and educating the public about their priorities;

Educating rural women about the full range of civic engagement opportunities and how they can become engaged;

Creating new ways to share our stories and messaging to ensure rural America and rural women are accurately portrayed and represented in politics, as well as by political leaders.

Developing a rural women and girls op-ed project intended to teach rural women and girls the art of op-ed writing geared toward publication in local newspapers and media, in addition to national outlets;

Mapping the work that is currently being done to build rural women and girls’ political power and representation with the goal of scaling projects through partnerships;

Developing a curriculum and training program for rural women and girls on civic engagement from voting to seeking elected and appointed political office, which includes information and materials tailored for women and girls of color, immigrants, farmworker and migrant workers, among others.

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