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Rural Women Rising was created by activist Mónica Ramírez and is anchored by the organization she founded, Justice for Migrant Women. We aim to increase the political representation and power of rural women and girls across the United States with a focus on elevating the leadership of women of color and other underrepresented community members.

Why is it Necessary?

Women in rural America face several obstacles when it comes to civic participation and engagement, particularly a lack of infrastructure and public transportation that is readily available in urban centers. Most places in rural America are spread out and homes can be miles apart. Many rural communities are poor and lack the technological structure available in big cities, which creates obstacles to digital engagement.

There has been an overall lack of investment in civic engagement efforts geared toward rural America.  Some of these communities are literally beginning to cease to exist because of declining population, poverty, and limited occupational opportunities. Despite these barriers, there are many opportunities to see that these communities are represented by specifically focusing on empowering and engaging women.


Nurture a fertile ecosystem to help rural and migrant women grow and prosper in America.


Help rural and migrant women grow in our careers, livelihoods, education, families and communities. 


Recognize that the fruits of our labor are best shared with those less fortunate. 

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