Rural Women Rising

Why We Support Rural Women

Rural women are leaders in our country, essential workers in our communities, caregivers and decision-makers at home, and a powerful force at the ballot box. Their voices are critical. We can achieve transformative change in rural communities by fully engaging the leadership that exists in these communities and specifically focusing on empowering and engaging women. When women are put in positions of power, they create policies that benefit women, children and the entire community.

The coalition was publicly announced at the first Rural Women’s Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, in October 2019. Ramírez was joined by Erin Vilardi, Executive Director of Vote Run Lead, activist and actress Piper Perabo, former appointed official, advocate and trainer Prairie Rose Seminole, and current elected municipal official and trainer Nevada Littlewolf.

What We Do


Rural Women Rising is a civic engagement coalition that aims to increase the political representation and power of the more than 19 million rural women and girls across the United States. The coalition focuses on providing rural women and girls with the tools and the network that they need to be able to exercise their civic muscle to run and lead in their communities. 


Rural Women Rising is a collaboration of national, state-wide and local organizations serving rural women and girls, coming together as a unified voice to speak up for rural women and girls. We bring together non-profit organizations working in the areas of women’s rights, economic justice, civic engagement, immigrant and migrant community members’ rights, and civil rights and civil liberties, among other issue areas.


Women who live and work in rural America come from diverse backgrounds, including Latina, Indigenous and Native, Black, and Asian women, as well as women of other races and ethnicities. Rural Women Rising believes leadership development and civic engagement initiatives are at the heart of making real and meaningful change for rural women and girls.

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